Art and Antiques Movers in Santa Ana

Dear Chris, I wanted to let you know that Erika did a terrific job organizing the move at our residence today. She was efficient, detail oriented and asked very helpful questions. I really appreciate her efforts. In addition, the 3-man crew which was sent out today performed in an outstanding manner on all facets of this project. They were handling 100+ year old antiques and numerous art pieces, portraits and fragile items plus assorted sizes of boxes and bags - All of which I needed placed in different locations between our two garages. I was so impressed that over a period of 5 or so hours they consistently worked extremely hard-plus they were courteous, polite, pleasant, careful and thorough the entire time. I would like to request this same crew in a few weeks when we finish our upstairs renovation - not only because of the above, but also due to their knowing exactly where all items have been placed-and on their next visit we have to reinstall everything back upstairs. Thank you so much for accommodating us on short notice. It was extremely kind of you. -Kelly Reitz Sincerely, M A C D E S I G N & C O M P A N Y DESIGN & SPACE PLANNING TO THE PRIVATE SECTOR Kelly-Mac E. Kelly-Mac Reitz President