The irony here is off the charts. A woman was arrested this past Saturday night after she backed her car into the entrance of a Department of Motor Vehicles in Costa Mesa. Fortunately, the DMV was closed and there was no one inside when she decided to back her car up into the building as a way to enter the locked premises. The woman was not at the DMV for a driver's test, instead, she was hoping to mail out a letter. 

After breaking into the DMV, the woman, when confronted by the Sheriff's Department bomb squad, refused to leave the building. Two hours later, the woman attempted to drive off in her car, ignoring police's orders to stop. When she continued to resist officers, they opened one of her car's doors and let in a police dog to knock, or bite, some sense into her. After all was said and done, no officers were hurt, but the woman was treated for a bite. No word on whether or not she ever got around to mailing that letter.