The colorful, intricate floats with twinkling lights dazzle and delight children of all ages at Disneyland, including the workers at Alex Moving & Storage.New this spring is Mickey's Soundsational Parade, which the Orange County movers are excited to take their kids to.Now the floats are joined by live musicians, dancers and of course your favorite Disney characters.

The Santa Ana movers can't wait to listen to the beats of the marching bands. Meanwhile, the Oxnard movers look forward to the unique musical styles from all over the world, including Bollywood beats and South American rhythms.Of course Mickey is the drum major leading the parade. Crash symbols and dance on the sidewalks during this interactive parade.

While this parade is very exciting to the Orange County moving companies, we can't help but wonder where all of the costumes, props and floats go to when a parade is no more.At Alex Moving & Storage we don't believe in wasting perfectly good materials, especially items that can be recycled to create new Disney-approved floats.After all, Disney is heavily involved in environment and conservation initiatives.We would love to become the Disneyland movers who transport old floats to our storage facilities for a float revival in the future.

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