Make sure your neighborhood fits your personality and lifestyle. If you work in the Financial District, you might want to think about living on the Metro Rail Red or Blue Line to avoid the parking lot on the highways during your commute. However, if you are an accountant that just happens to love art, then the Downtown Los Angeles Arts District may be the place you want to call home. The Los Angeles movers suggest that you try to live in a neighborhood close to work, but that also contains activities and an environment that will cultivate the best you. Here are 5 questions to ask when choosing a neighborhood in L.A.: 1) What's the parking like in the neighborhood? 2) Is there a sense of community? 3) Do I feel comfortable here in both the daylight and at night? 4) Is it accessible to public transportation and highways? 5) Convenience to places you visit frequently, like the grocery store and coffee shops?

The best piece of advice the movers in Los Angeles would like to offer is to not choose a neighborhood based solely on price. Sometimes you may think you are getting a great deal, but that area of town is dead at night with no sense of community. Always choose a neighborhood based on the feeling of comfort, as well as convenient access to amenities you use frequently. This will free you from relying on your car, and will help you avoid those rush hour parking lots.