Last evening I went to my local grocery storage in Tustin to pick up a few things.  After leaving with what I intended to purchase plus more, I loaded everything in the car and proceeded home.  I returned to my house, unloaded all the items, I went to get my purse out of the car and it was nowhere to be found.  I thought maybe I put it in the truck or even the refrigerator and it was missing.  The panic set in so I jumped back in the car and drove. I drove rapidly to the store, pulled up to where I left the cart and there was no purse.  A very nice person sitting in her car stopped and asked me If I lost my purse. Thinking was it the panic look on my face that told her I did before I answered, I replied, "Yes I did".  She informed me that a very nice man took it into the store for me.  I ended up getting my purse back with nothing missing and I am very thankful.  I will never know who the very nice honest person is who returned my purse but I thank you very much.  With that said, please do not lose faith in people and know there are good people in this world.