Moving to the largest city in California can be intimidating, whether your move is family, educational, or career-related. You’ve probably heard some negatives and positives about L.A. – for example, traffic can be problematic, but once you leave the house, there are endless opportunities for shopping and entertainment. At Alex Moving & Storage, our dedicated Los Angeles movers want you to be prepared so you can move in smoothly and start exploring! Some things to consider before making a move to Los Angeles include:

·  Bring Your Car

When living in L.A., one thing will quickly become clear – you’ll need your car! While Los Angeles has a public transport system, the city is better designed for driving. Be sure to scope out parking long in advance, if you have no garage or driveway.

·  Prepare for Traffic

Until you know the roads like a pro, and even sometimes after, traffic can be nasty. Leave early and plan ahead in advance for delays. Take some time to map out the quickest route.

·  Know Your Location

Make sure you’re close to basic amenities like groceries, gas, and restaurants, especially if you live in a suburb or subdivision.

·  Find the Right Neighborhood

Are you single, or raising a family? Where are the good schools? Do you want a quieter neighborhood or an environment that’s constantly in motion? Where are your friends located? Ask yourself all of these questions before committing to a neighborhood. Your Los Angeles moving company can help you find additional information.

Don’t delay any longer, and get in contact with your top moving company in Los Angeles today. Alex Moving can provide you with the relocation services you need when moving to or from L.A. , including full-service packing, crating, and short-or long-term storage. Contact us now!