Scheduling your summer move now

Planning ahead for your move can be a challenge.

You might not have a lot of time to plan ahead or maybe it just keep finding a spot further and further down your to-do list.

We get it; life’s busy. You might that it will be okay to schedule a move much closer to the date, but the truth is that waiting til the last minute could make your life a lot more difficult.

We’re Alex Moving and Storage, an Orange County moving company, and we want to share a little advice about scheduling your summer move.

Most people move in the summer. You are probably in the same boat. Moving in the summer is great for so many reasons.

The kids will be out of school. It is generally decent weather or at least not a blizzard. It is a great transition time in the year. Many people signed leases in the summer due to ending school and so many are finding new homes.

Any way you slice it, there are A LOT of people moving in those summer months.  Waiting until the last minute to schedule your summer move will leave with you a headache.

If you are even lucky to find a mover, they will probably be stretch thin.  We’re not saying that it isn’t doable; it’s just much more challenging. 

Scheduling your move might seem like a big thing, but trust us, it’s not that bad.  As Orange County movers, we have seen many families put off the task of scheduling their move and end up scrambling to find a mover last minute. 

The time to schedule your May- August move is now! Call or visit our website and start the process by getting your FREE moving quote. 

Then, we will schedule a FREE, in-home estimate with you so that we can give you accurate pricing.  After that, you can schedule your move.  That’s it! Just three simple steps and you have taken a huge load off of your plate. 

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