Gourmet burgers

Burgers are an American favorite.

There is nothing like taking a big bite of a huge burger. The flavors from the condiments, toppings and meat combine in a wonderful way with each bite.  I bet you’re getting hungry just thinking about it.

Well, Los Angeles has several burger joints that will make your mouth water. Los Angeles movers, Alex Moving & Storage, have tried several across the area.  We know how overwhelming it can be to find familiarity in a new place so we named our favorite burger joints.  If you are moving to Los Angeles, you have to check these out!

  • In-N-Out Burger- It may be a fast food burger, but you have to try it.  It is a west coast classic and is a must at least once.  You’ll understand the obsession after one bite.
  • The Counter- This burger joint is known for their delicious beef.  It’s 100% Angus and hormone and antibiotic free. Not only is the beef delicious, but you can create any combination of toppings and there are a lot of options!
  • Hawkins House of Burgers- If you want to stick with a classic, this crowd-pleaser is the way to go. Get a classic burger or add egg or chili.
  • Comme Ca- If you want to indulge yourself in a deliciously simple burger, this is the place for you.  It has little toppings and a high price tag, but you’ll think it’s worth it with every bite.

Burgers can be the ultimate comfort food and you’ll be craving some comfort food after a difficult move.  Don’t get overwhelmed by the massive amount of options out there; visit one of the restaurants above for a guaranteed delicious meal.

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