long distance interstate household movers

Local moving may seem simple at first, but it often comes with unique challenges that only short-distance relocations face. But even that pales in comparison to an interstate household move, where complexity greatly increases. At Alex Moving & Storage, our experts understand the various intricacies involved when dealing with these different types of moves.

Unlike local moves in which coordinating timing and the passing of keys to your new home is much easier, interstate moves (especially long distance relocations and those with time zone differences) make it more complicated to manage. Although moving out of state can be tough—dealing with the different state regulations and laws for moving and items, coordinating with your home’s previous owner long-distance, traveling hundreds of miles, etc. It’s entirely possible that after traveling across the country, you may arrive earlier or later than your expected date, unless you’re working with an experienced interstate mover backed by an industry-leading van line such as North American.

With tight deadlines there’s always the potential that your new home is not yet ready to be moved in to, or your job may begin earlier than anticipated. Unanticipated changes in your situation often results in inconvenient delays despite all of your belongings having arrived. To mitigate the stress of such unplanned moments, we offer complete, flexible moving and storage solutions including various packing, shipping and storage options that help complete your move successfully – regardless of the changing time line.

Is a local or interstate relocation in your future? Contact the seasoned professionals at Alex Moving & Storage today. We look forward to helping with your relocation no matter how near or far it takes you.