medical lab equipment

iCAT Next Generation Cone Beam? $80,000. X-Ray System Spectrometer? $20,000. Finding out your unreliable mover dropped your medical and lab equipment? Priceless.

When you're in the healthcare or science industry, you often deal with high-value, bulky, and yet sensitive equipment. Don't leave the safety of these important machines up to chance! If you're in need of medical lab equipment movers who have the experience and skills necessary to ensure a streamlined yet secure move, look no further than the pros at Alex Moving & Storage.

As an agent of northAmerican, our professionals have the resources and dedication required to handle these high-value and often stressful moves. We understand exactly what it takes to guarantee that your lab relocation is made simple and easy. Have peace of mind that you're working with professionals who have the knowledge and background to tackle medical equipment moving. We do this by taking precision measurements as well as weights of your machines and creating custom crates for packing. Each individual machine uses industry-compliant packing and will be moved by a coordinated team of relocation experts.

Not only are our packing and custom crating services unparalleled, but we also offer a wide array of additional services and benefits to make your move as seamless as possible. This includes moving solutions such as on-site assistance, pick-up and delivery, flexible scheduling, tracking, and much more.

No matter if you're relocating across the country or just in need of some storage during a renovation, trust in the lab moving experts at Alex Moving & Storage to help. Call us or fill out our online form to request your free moving estimate today.