Certified public scale in Anaheim

Looking for a vehicle weigh station or a certified public scale in Anaheim? Then you have come to the right place. Alex Moving & Storage has a public scale, which is operated by our certified weighmaster for use from 8 am to 5 pm on weekdays.

Why You May Need a Certified Public Scale

Commercial truckload operators and others in the transportation industry typically need to report their full-or-partial load weight upon loading or delivery of shipments. For those outside the industry, California DMV regulations may require documentation as part of out-of-state commercial vehicle registration. Typically, this would be a weighmaster’s certificate of unladen (empty) weight for commercial vehicles with hauling capabilities or those used for transport (taxis, rental cars, etc.).

Declaring the gross vehicle weight may require visiting a weigh station. Copies of your weight ticket are good to keep in case further documentation is needed. Some vehicles, depending on weight and use, may require a weighmaster’s certificate as part of the registration process.

Failure to get your commercial vehicle weighed (and/or receive the right certificates from an Anaheim weigh station) will affect you negatively. For instance, if your vehicle is pulled over by police on public roads, you will be penalized if you don’t have your weight certificate. In the worst-case scenario, the vehicle could even be impounded.

Anaheim public scale

Weigh Station at Alex Moving and Storage

At Alex Moving & Storage, we weigh vehicles in line with the requirements of the Department of Motor Vehicles. Our 75-foot scale is set up for large and small vehicles and has a maximum capacity of 100,000 lbs. Our scale will provide an accurate digital readout and print multiple copies of your weight ticket so one can be retained at our station in case of an emergency. Best of all, our weighmaster is ready to help at any time; no appointment needed.

Scale and Weighmaster Certification

As a certified weigh depot and truck station licensed by the California Department of Weights and Measures, there isn’t a better place in Anaheim to weigh your load. Additionally, we are DMV-and-military-certified. Our weight certificate covers vehicle type, purposed use of vehicle, owner’s information, vehicle’s gross weight, and vehicle identification number.

Interested in learning more about our certified public scale in Anaheim? Contact Alex Moving & Storage at (714) 482-3599 today! Our scale is open, with our weighmaster on duty, every Monday to Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.