Orange County aerospace storage

When you need aerospace storage in Orange County, you need to work with a company that understands the unique difficulties and challenges of warehousing large, often delicate airline equipment. Storing airplane parts and equipment not only requires plenty of space, but also skilled movers, specialized equipment and a facility that is safe and secure.

At Alex Moving & Storage, we store more than just household goods: We can also handle every aspect of the moving and storage of your airplane equipment.

From our 50,000-square-foot Orange County storage facility, we provide an array of commercial warehousing options suited to even the most specialized needs of our customers.We understand the ins and outs of commercial warehousing and the unique requirements of aerospace equipment storage.

We can move and store everything, including the kitchen sink!

Airplane equipment can be bulky and difficult to manage, which means you’ll need the help of an experienced Orange County aerospace storage company to help protect your goods.

Receiving: Thanks to our skilled team of experienced movers and specialized equipment, we can handle the receiving as well as delivery of your aerospace equipment and airplane parts. Our storage crew is a dedicated team of experienced professionals who know how to properly handle your equipment shipment, and our receiving procedures are as efficient as they are accurate.

Protection: We know what it takes to keep your airplane equipment safe and damage-free. We shrink wrap your goods to ensure they remain safe within our secure warehouse and are ready to leave for delivery with ample protection against damage. 

Storage: For large, heavy airline equipment we always use pallet racks to safely warehouse bulky items as well as maintain accessibility for pickup or delivery of your airline equipment to your hanger.

We are aerospace equipment storage specialists

Orange County storage facility

At our state-of-the-art Anaheim warehouse, we have plenty of space to store large specialty items. We can move and store all types of materials – from very large, heavy aerospace equipment to the smallest of airplane parts. You can trust that we have the experience needed to properly move and securely store your equipment – airplane overhead compartments, galley kitchens, and everything in between! In fact, we have years of experience with aerospace storage for local airlines.

Trust Alex Moving & Storage for your warehousing needs

Our Orange County aerospace storage facility is equipped with a security system that is serviced quarterly, and it is gated after hours so you can rest easy knowing that your airplane equipment is safely stored. Our facility also features a comprehensive sprinkler system which we routinely maintain, so you can trust that your airplane equipment is in good hands.

When you need airplane equipment storage you can trust, call the professionals at Alex Moving & Storage. To learn more about our Orange County aerospace equipment storage services, give us a call or fill out one of our simple online forms to request a free in-person estimate.