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Moving to a new home or apartment can be arduous and time intensive, even with extensive planning and an accommodating timetable. But what about when life intervenes and you find yourself staring at a short-term relocation with no moving or storage solutions for your possessions?

The scenario isn’t as outlandish as it may seem. Many large apartment complexes are privately owned and operated by corporations that dictate the maintenance and renovation schedules of their properties, and coordinating those schedules with those of their residents is often unfeasible.

An apartment complex’s management may decide to undergo a full-scale property refurbishment to both improve their current tenants’ experience and attract new residents. Tenants and their families are asked to temporarily vacate with all of their possessions but, in return, units will soon sport functional and aesthetic updates such as new carpeting, a fresh paint job, or even an updated kitchen and rehabbed bathroom. Essentially, every resident will have a new home awaiting them on the other side of the week-long renovation, but what about the interim?

As a leading Orange County residential moving company, offering both household as well as commercial relocation expertise, Alex Moving & Storage has the resources and expertise to accommodate these temporary moves. We have worked with large apartment complexes to efficiently move multiple families into temporary housing to make these updates possible.

Multiple families of residents benefitted from having their furniture and household items moved by our experienced staff in a single day. We provided the storage containers for the move, so the residents had what they needed to pack. Managing the logistics of the move for several families in the same day, we coordinated several trucks and moving crews to ensure a quick relocation so the families could settle in to their temporary residences and enjoy the rest of their weekend.

During the week, the furniture and other household items were safely housed in our modern household storage facilities secured by anti-fire and theft protection systems. Inventoried and organized, their shipments were held at the waiting, for efficient re-delivery back to their homes the following Sunday.

Not many things can equate the excitement of walking into a newly refurbished home after a week away, save for the knowledge that you and your family’s personal belongings are secure and will arrive through the door in the exact condition that they left.

Alex Moving & Storage has distinguished itself as a premier Orange County moving and storage company during its decades of industry service and it’s because of their diligence and service variety. Whether it be a studio apartment, family home or an entire hotel, Alex Moving & Storage has customized short and long-term moving and storage solutions for businesses and households.

If you’re moving to your dream home in Orange County or simply looking to house your possessions for a short time, give our friendly representatives a call or request a free quote by submitting our quick online form.