Orange County Residential Moving

When you’re planning your move, you probably don’t have a ton of flexibility when it comes to the time of year you do it. Leases end, new jobs start, and properties sell at inconvenient times, which leads you at the mercy of your surroundings.

When you’re moving in the fall, sure, you’ll escape the heat of summertime, but there can be other hiccups you might encounter. For instance, weather can be unpredictable or make your move more difficult, and Daylight Savings Time can affect how much daylight you have to work with. It’s important to make contingency plans for your autumn move, and as an Orange County moving company, we’ve got a few tips for helping your move go a bit more smoothly.

Plan Ahead for Weather Problems

Whether you need experienced Orange County residential movers for a local household move or a long distance relocation, you’ll want to plan ahead for weather. Fog and rain can be especially prevalent in Southern California during the fall, so it’s important that you plan for more time in traffic, wet conditions that you’ll need to protect your possessions from, and how safety of moving in slick conditions.

Start Packing Earlier

With less daylight thanks to Daylight Savings Time in November, it’s important to allow your Orange County movers the opportunity to get everything done on time. Start packing a day earlier, or consider using full-service packing options to ensure optimal efficiency for your move.

This way, you won’t get stuck moving into your new home or office when it’s dark out—with less visibility, it can be easier to do things like miss a step going upstairs. For the safest and easiest move, be as prepared as possible.

Expect the Unexpected

Even if you are moving in autumn, you might still deal with soaring temperatures or other snags, like, for instance, a moving truck’s tire popping or road closures. While these have less to do with autumn and more to do with general inconvenience, the tip is still the same: expect the unexpected.

You might have a great, straight-shot route planned for your household move, but if those routes aren’t passable, you’ll want to have an alternative ready to go. Before moving day, check traffic and roadways, and if it’s going to be a hot one, make sure you’ve got extra water on hand just in case.

As a professional Orange County residential moving company, we have experience tackling obstacles, and we’re prepared to help you make it to your destination with ease. When you need reliable movers for your Orange County move, give Alex Moving & Storage a call.