orange county office movers services

When you need to move your business, you need a moving company that specializes in moving high-value and fragile items. Your company’s computer equipment, IT servers, and other sensitive equipment needs to be handled by Orange County office movers with the right gear and the right experience. Alex Moving & Storage is the premier moving company for businesses in Orange County, and we can handle business moves of all sizes.

Office Relocation Planning Expertise

One thing to keep in mind as you plan your move is that your staff will be stressed out as they try to keep up with their regular duties and take on some of the moving-related tasks. You can minimize this disruption by partnering with an exceptional full-service commercial moving company.

As professional commercial movers with extensive office moving experience in the area, we develop custom relocation plans with contingencies in place for common hiccups and the issues we can anticipate from our thorough assessment. We’ll let you get on with your business while we handle the logistics of your move.

Tips for Choosing Orange Country Equipment Movers

We know what it takes to be the best, and we know how to make your business move as stress-free as possible. If you’re planning a move – whether down the street or across the country – then here are some things to keep in mind as you search for the top Orange County equipment movers.

Size of Fleet: We have the largest fleet of trucks in California, so we are able to handle a move of any size. From a small office to a large urban hospital, we can take care of it all, and can tackle your move of any size.

Experience and Expertise: When it comes to your most valuable equipment, we know how to handle it. Our Orange County computer movers are trained in white glove techniques, so you can be sure that your office equipment will be properly packed and that it will arrive at your new location in perfect condition. All of our movers are specially trained in proper packing techniques and handling for moving electronics and computers as well as heavy office equipment and furniture.

Customer Reviews: The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior, and we are very proud of what our clients have written about us in customer reviews. Take a look at some of our reviews. We’re sure it will help you see that we’re the best moving company for the job!

Transparent Pricing: You’ve heard the horror stories about being quoted one price and then learning there was a huge extra charge. That won’t happen with Alex Moving & Storage. We’ll visit your location and provide accurate pricing, so there are no surprises.

Custom Solutions: We offer full service moving, but we can also custom create a moving plan that takes your concerns into consideration. Want to save some money by having your staff do some of the packing? No problem! We’ll even train them in proper packing techniques. Our prices are already very competitive, but we’ll do what we can to work with you so that you can keep your move within your budget.

If there is a move in your business’ future then contact us today for your free, on-site estimate. Just fill out our online contact form to get started. We’ll help you make your move without having to take your eyes off your business!