On June 30, 2017, our drivers would incur the most cumbersome task they had never intended to face. The drivers were tasked with a large commercial delivery for our Orange County office movers division. A commercial delivery was a major, albeit ordinary, task for our drivers, but a plane crashing into the intended route turned ordinary into extraordinary. Both sides of the 405 freeway near John Wayne hospitable was closed as firefighters rescued all occupants from the Cessna 310 aircraft.

Thankfully, this awful event was not the major tragedy that one might expect. A nightmare for those involved, with serious injuries and major damage to the plane and several vehicles – but reportedly nothing was life-threatening.

On this busy Friday and start of the Independence Day weekend, traffic was already substantial, but with the events of the day closing the freeway for an extended period of time, backups were hours long. Our drivers had a decision to give up on the task at hand or overcome this extraneous situation.

It was clear as dedicated moving and storage professionals that they had to overcome this extreme situation and provide the excellent service that Alex Moving and Storage is known for. Being a local moving company with local moving crews, packers and drivers, we know Orange County. With the freeway closed, our experienced team was able to traverse the normally busy – now extraordinarily congested – main thoroughfares and side streets.

With time of the essence and a lot to accomplished for the day, our crew was able to complete the delivery with only minor delay – completing the large office move same-day.

As an orange county moving company Alex Moving and Storage can handle all of your moving and storage needs, not even a plane crash can stop an easy and convenient move!