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Moving abroad involves a lot of planning and preparation, whether it’s a temporary move or a transition to live long-term or even permanently in a brand-new country. In fact, international relocation can be quite complicated, and can become quite a headache for those unfamiliar with the laws and general procedures required for moving overseas. 

One of the best things you can do to prepare for an international move is to start early and get the right help. In this article, our expert team of Orange County international movers at Alex Moving & Storage share our favorite tips on how to avoid a rocky, chaotic international relocation, and how professional moving services can help you make a smooth and successful transition into your new life abroad.

Only Take the Essentials

When you are planning your international move, you will be able to minimize your costs by packing lightly. It is recommended to declutter and sort through your things, leaving behind the perishable items, toiletries, and clothes that you won’t be able to use in the new country. Instead, give these items to family and friends, donate to charity, or have a garage sale to raise money for moving costs.

Prepare All Important Documents

Prepare multiple copies of important documents and keep a soft copy into cloud storage. You can also leave a copy of these official documents with a family member for safe-keeping during the move. To make sure that all paperwork is submitted on-time and according to schedule, be sure to consult with the foreign embassy of the country you are moving to, or register with the US State Department’s Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP).

Choose a Bank

You may still use a US bank, even if you will be staying overseas for a long period of time. Depending on your situation, it could prove to be useful to stick with a US bank for international transactions and for direct deposits from your employer, should your move be tied to an American employee relocation. You can also do your own research in your new country or consult with a banker or advisor to help you choose a bank and learn important information about banking regulations.

Learn the New Language

Although English is spoken in many parts of the world, it is still a great idea to learn the language of your new home country. Doing this can help you communicate, adjust, and understand their culture much better. Don’t be conscious about mispronouncing words because locals will appreciate your effort and will even try to help you learn.

Visit Before the Move

Take a trip to your new location before the actual move. It is recommended to join an organized tour so you will be able to appreciate the culture, art, music, and food, as well as meet people who are also planning to move. Take advantage of this chance to learn about the schools, hospitals, entertainment and leisure facilities, as well as gyms, health care clinics, grocery stores, and shopping in the area.

Get Full Medical Checkups

Before moving in to the new country, make sure that you and your family will get your checkups and necessary immunizations. If your employer is relocating you, speak with your HR officer regarding medical and dental benefits. Aside from taking required prescriptions, don’t forget to prepare a small medical kit with first aid essentials for your travel time.

Hire an Orange County International Moving Company

Research Orange County international moving companies and choose the most reliable one you can find, with plenty of experience with international relocation. Professional international movers like our team at Alex Moving & Storage will be able to assist you with a highly personalized moving experience, and the expertise you can trust to enjoy a comprehensive and well-planned transition abroad. For example, we provide custom packing services, clearance assistance, ocean and air carrier coordination, destination advice, business and so much more. 

Your Trusted International Moving Company

Alex Moving & Storage is the most trusted Orange County international movers in the area which offers both residential and commercial relocation services that are tailored to your needs. Compared to other Orange Country international moving companies, we offer the most efficient planning, logistics, and business or household goods shipping to your new country. 

Backed by industry leading van line with a global reach, we offer the necessary affiliations in other countries and the resources both domestic and abroad to ensure a smooth transition. Be it a relocation to neighboring countries in the Americas or an overseas transition to countries in Africa, Asia, Europe, or anywhere else on the globe, you can trust Alex Moving & Storage to provide the skills and transportation you need for a perfectly executed international relocation.

By choosing to work with Alex Moving & Storage, you will enjoy secure and seamless residential or commercial relocation. Below is a list of the services that we offer:

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