A lot goes into planning and executing a proper long-distance move. So, if you’re having trouble knowing where to start, don’t worry. You are not alone. Many people find relocating difficult, but thankfully there are experts who can help.

Below you will find some useful tips from professional Orange County long-distance movers that might make your next big move a little simpler, safer, and more affordable.

Tip #1: Book Your Mover Ahead of Time

Reliable long-distance moving services get booked fast, especially during the summer when movers are in higher demand. Make sure you have your pick by planning your long-distance move in advance. Getting a head start will also make your move less stressful because you won’t have to cram a lot of work into a short period of time, and any unforeseen challenges are easier to deal with when you aren’t rushed. 

Tip #2: Find a Licensed Mover

When moving to a new state, make sure that you hire a company that is affiliated with a major van line. These companies are licensed to transport household items across state lines, and they provide the resources and equipment needed to ensure your move is safe and hassle-free. For good measure, take a look at customer reviews to make sure you’re working with a company that provides quality customer experience.

Tip #3: Use Storage if Your Arrival Will be Delayed

Do you expect a delay between the day you move and when you will arrive at your new home? If so, consider short-term storage as part of your moving plan. Your valuables are kept safe within a secure storage facility until you are ready to have them delivered to your home. That way, your belongings won’t arrive at your new home before you do.

Tip #4: Consider Your Protection Planning Needs

Moving companies are required by law to provide free basic valuation coverage that will reimburse you for items that are lost or damaged during your move. This coverage is based on an item’s weight, not the replacement value. If you want coverage that provides full replacement value protection, ask your mover about the options they have available.

Tip #5: Decide What to Move

One of the best ways to streamline your move is to decide which items you will leave to the professional movers, which items you will move yourself, and which items you will leave behind. For example, some people prefer to keep their jewelry with them during the move while leaving general household belongings to the movers. Getting rid of unnecessary furniture, clothing, and appliances will make your move easier and less expensive.

Do you need help from a reliable Orange County long-distance moving company?

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