Moving to a new home can be a time of mixed emotions. As you carefully pack away your belongings, some of your most valuable items deserve a little extra attention. Our Orange County long-distance movers have a few tips to share for protecting collectibles during a move. With the right packing materials you can protect fragile items from breaking, large items from scratching, and small items from getting lost. Trust the experienced residential movers in Orange County, they have learned a thing or two about what works best.

Use the Right Packing Supplies for Protection

Packing materials come in many different materials and styles, and that is not by accident. Styrofoam peanuts work best for filling voids and cushion sheets are best for layering fragile items inside a box. Let’s take a look at some of the available options and their best uses.

  • Packing Paper 
  • Styrofoam Peanuts
  • Bubble Roll
  • Interior Dividers

Packing paper is essentially newspaper without the print. It is a great choice for wrapping fragile collectibles that are prone to scratches, like glass or fine china. Styrofoam comes in sheets or peanut-sized pieces. The sheets can add a layer of cushion between fragile items inside a box, while the peanuts are best for taking up space and preventing movement inside a box.

Bubble roll works like cushion sheets and can be wrapped around smaller collectibles to provide a layer of cushion. And interior dividers make several smaller spaces inside a larger box. These dividers work great for snow globes, figurines, and coffee cups.

Always use quality packing tape when securing your boxes. And always make sure to apply tape to packing materials and cardboard surfaces directly. Avoid taping packing materials directly to your object. The tape adhesive may damage your collectibles.

If the idea of getting your entire home packed away is overwhelming, let professional movers tackle the job for you. In most cases, professional packing and unpacking services are scalable and can help make sure that your most valuable items are properly packed for transportation by trained, long-distance movers.

Protective Options for Larger Items

It is easy enough to find ways to protect your smaller belongings with a wide selection of materials to wrap and cushion. But what If your collectibles are too large to fit in a box? Antique furniture, large wall paintings and much more can be just as valuable—and much more difficult to transport with damage. This is where soft, cotton moving blankets and custom wood crating come in handy. Wood crating is essentially building a box large enough to fit around something bigger so that you can add protective layers and prevent contact with other items in transportation.

Check Your Coverage

Moving companies provide free basic valuation coverage that will reimburse property owners for damages incurred during transportation. However, reimbursement is calculated based on an items weight. When it comes to collectible items, the real value may far exceed a weight-based calculation. This leaves a gap in coverage that can mean big losses for the property owner if a very small, but very valuable item is damaged. Ask about full-value protection options as an add-on service to cover your collectible items. You may also choose to transport some of your more valuable items in your personal vehicle for additional protection.

Take Advantage of Safe, Secure Storage

If your move out and move in date are weeks apart, you may feel uncomfortable about safely storing your collectible items. While most material possessions can be replaced, it is a lot more difficult (and sometimes impossible) to track down certain collectible items. Through the nationwide network provided by North American Moving Services, you can store your collectibles in climate-controlled, secure wooden vaults in one of many warehouses throughout the country.

Partner with the Professionals at Alex Moving & Storage

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