Summer is the most popular time of year for moving, and it’s easy to understand why. Kids are out of school, you don’t have to worry about icy roads, and it’s easier to sell your home.

For all the perks of a summer move, you will have to take steps to stay safe and cool on hot days. Alex Moving & Storage has provided commercial and residential moving services for decades, and we’re happy to share our top tips for staying cool during a warm weather move.

Stay Hydrated

No matter what you’re doing in warm weather, staying hydrated is a must—and moving is no exception. Keep plenty of bottled water on hand for everyone helping with your move. If you hire a professional moving company, have water available for the movers as well.

Wear Breathable, Lightweight Clothing

Wear cotton or performance clothing that allows sweat to evaporate and prevents the sun from directly hitting your skin. Hats, sun gaiters, and quality sunscreen are other things you’ll want to have on hand.

Also, while you might be tempted to wear sandals, it’s better to wear close-toed shoes to prevent injuries.

Keep Your Home Comfortable

It will be more difficult to keep your home at an ideal temperature since the doors will open and close all day. Turn the temp down a bit and run fans to help keep the home comfortable.

Also, have the electricity turned off at your old home the day after the move and turned on at the new house the day before. This ensures you’ll be able to run the AC when you need it.

Don’t be a Hero

Do not overdo it—especially on an especially hot day. Listen to your body and rest when needed. You’re not going to complete your move faster if you suffer from heat exhaustion.

If you think carrying boxes and completing other moving-day tasks may be too much for you, consider hiring full-service movers or at least someone to help with the heavy lifting.

Make Plans for the Kids and Pets

Small children and pets are much better off in a comfortable, climate-controlled environment. If possible, make plans to have your kids and pets spend the day with friends or family or find a place nearby to board your dogs.

Service Your Vehicle

If your move involves a long drive, have your vehicle serviced just before moving day. Make sure coolant levels are checked and that your AC is in good working order.

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