Moving to a new home can be an exciting adventure, but it can also be stressful for your furry friends. A little pre-planning can help alleviate some anxiety surrounding the change. Here are a few tips to help make your pet feel better and stay organized during your upcoming move.

Have Your Pet’s Favorite Toys & Treats Ready

Familiar scents and objects can help provide a sense of comfort and security for your pets. Make sure your pet has their favorite toys and treats on hand during moving day to help ease their stress and provide some comfort.

Find a Sitter for Your Pet

Consider hiring a pet sitter or asking a friend or family member to watch your pet on moving day. This will help keep your pet out of harm’s way, reduce any stress that can be created by new people entering the home, and allow you to focus on the moving task.

Have Enough Pet Supplies for Any Long-Distance Travel

If a long car ride is part of your relocation, pack enough food, sanitary, and comfort supplies to last for the whole trip. Consider packing a separate box or suitcase for your pet’s belongings. That way, they’re easier to find.

Research Local Veterinarians 

Starting over with a new veterinarian can be a scary experience for you. Imagine how your pet feels. Do some research and make contact with a vet in the new area so everyone is acquainted. This will also help you be prepared should any emergency situation arise during or shortly after the move.

Check Local Regulations Regarding Exotic Animals

Exotic pets are fun and rewarding to have as companions, but they may have regulations in different locations. If you’re moving an exotic pet to another state, double-check the state regulatory website to see if there are restrictions or registration requirements for your animal.

Research Pet Restrictions for International Relocations

Many countries have rules when it comes to transporting animals in. Check local regulations in your destination country to see if there are any restrictions or quarantine requirements regarding your pet. The U.S. Department of Agriculture has some helpful information for moving internationally with animals.

Aquariums, Terrariums, Habitats & Cages

Pet homes can be an expensive investment. Make sure that your animal’s aquarium, terrarium, habitat, or cage is properly protected against potential damage. Ask your residential mover if they have extra padding or crating options, especially for larger setups.

Pet Shipping Companies

Moving a household and a pet can be complicated and overwhelming. Suppose you feel like the task of self-transporting your pet is too much. In that case, you might consider hiring a shipping company that specializes in pet transport. Organizations like the International Pet and Animal Transportation Association can help.

Use these tips to help ensure your pet is safe and comfortable during the move. Experienced long-distance movers can make the whole process smoother for you and your friend. Alex Moving & Storage has more than three decades of service to Orange County. Grab a free quote to get started.