Making a move in California can be a hectic and frustrating experience. However, there is a time of year when things slow down making local and long-distance moves a little easier. A winter move in California may be just the solution to any concerns about heat, traffic, or scheduling. 

Wondering about the benefits of moving during winter? Let's go over some of them.

Landlords are More Flexible

If you are hoping to make your best deal on an apartment or rental unit, you may find it in winter. During this time of year, any properties that didn't get rented out over the summer and fall tend to fill much more slowly. Property owners are more willing to offer move-in specials and be flexible with their requirements to get those empty units filled.

Less Competition for Moving Dates

You'll also have an easier time scheduling appointments with a residential moving company. Since fewer people are moving in the winter it means the mover's schedule is more open. You may even be able to schedule a move on short notice with the right company.

Movers Offer Better Rates

Speaking of moving and storage companies, you'll likely get better rates on a winter move in California. Since business slows down during the cold months, movers will reduce their rates to entice potential customers into hiring their services.

Cooler Weather for Moving Days

Dislike working outside on hot days. Well, you won't have to worry about that during a winter move. The cooler weather allows you and the moving crew to get a lot more done without worrying about heatstroke. Plus, there are still many sunny days in winter. So, you have good odds of finding a nice, dry day to complete your move too.

Less Road Traffic to Slow You Down

It seems like there is always less traffic on the roads in winter too. With the cooler weather, you don't have to deal with as many tourists and out-of-town travelers. Locals also tend to stick closer to home. This is great for household moving companies driving large trucks down the highways!

You Can Get a Free Estimate for Your Residential Move in California

As a major self-hauling moving and storage company in California, Alex Moving & Storage offers fast and flexible services. We're also able to complete long-distance moves with ease as an agent with North American Van Lines. 

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