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Sarah L.

Ms. Uribe, My family and I recently moved across the country, and Maribel Mendoza was the coordinator for our move. We have moved many times, and we have never had such a positive experience as we did with your company. Of course, Ms. Mendoza was not the only reason that our experience was so positive, The crew was excellent--the packers, movers, and the man who picked up the boxes yesterday were completely professional and got their work done in a timely and competent fashion. However, Ms. Mendoza was a huge part of how positive our experience was. She is very responsible, always making sure to check in with us on critical days (move days, pack days, etc.) to make sure everything was going ok. She followed up on every email I sent her; I never had to track her down or contact her more than once. Indeed, she was so accessible that when I called her, I rarely had to leave a message; she was almost always at her desk and available. What is even more amazing is that she did all of this while being completely pleasant. I had a lot of requests for her over the past few months, and she never made me feel like I was being too demanding, or that I should not have called. From the initial contact, to the move itself, to the final picking up of the boxes yesterday, Ms. Mendoza was a pleasure to work with and made us feel that we were in very good hands. Moving is always difficult, but Ms. Mendoza and your company made it as easy as it could have been. best, Sarah Lawsky Sarah B. L

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