Recently while one of our drivers was out on a job, he was flagged down by a local Houston resident.  Ms. Brandon was helping an elderly woman who could barely walk reattach a water hose to a spigot on the side of the house.  This was more troublesome than expected.  When she saw our drivers driving down the street; she ran out and flagged them down.  Ms. Brandon explained what she was doing, and how difficult it was.  Then she asked if they would kindly help them to reattach the hose.  Damaso Suarez, gladly got out of the truck and helped reconnect the water hose to the house.  The two women were very grateful for his help.  Damaso, exemplifies the values of Alex Moving & Storage, which is that we care deeply about our community.  Santa Ana movers, Alex Moving & Storage are very proud to have Damaso as one of our employees, and we encourage all of our employees to serve our communities as name of driver did.