Got a lot of stuff to store for the holidays?  Summer is the time to enjoy the sunshine, play in the water, catch a lot of rays.  Now that Fall is in full bloom the weather is bit nippier and chances to enjoy the water are coming harder to come by.

What will you do with all your water equipment?  Are you going to let your boat and water skis suffer through the elements?  What about your patio furniture?  When your garage is past its limit in capacity and you still have valuables to store look no further than the Orange County Movers to provide solutions to your storage needs.  Orange County Movers offer a variety of storage services that ensure the safety of your valuables:

  • Household Storage
  • Warehousing and Distribution
  • Record Storage
While you have your summer equipment in the storage be sure to take out your snowmobiles, skis and snowboards.  We can store your seasonal items year round.  Rely on the Oxnard Movers to have your things safely packed away for a sunny day.