OC moving and storage tech

At Alex Moving & Storage, we are never content with the status quo. We’re constantly working to improve our processes so that our customers receive the most professional, reliable, and efficient Orange County moving and storage services. And even though we’ve just completed a big move from Santa Ana to Anaheim, we’re excited to announce that we have even greater changes and improvements underway.

To ensure that we remain the top household movers for your family and commercial relocation experts for your business, we’ve spent some time evaluating our current technology—and we’ve made the decision to fully upgrade our internal computer systems to keep pace with our customers’ evolving business and household moving and storage needs. Because this new technology is more scalable, we’ll be able to grow our functionality, features, and services to better assist you through any residential, commercial, or specialized move.

Advanced technology to optimize your moving and storage services

Alex Moving & Storage’s more modern technology system will make our processes more efficient—meaning that with us, your moving process and storage services will be even easier.

Through this upgrade, we’ll have more accurate tracking for our large fleet of moving vehicles and a better inventory system for all of your valuable belongings whether they’re stored in our new Orange County storage facility or our Ventura County warehouse. With this increased collaboration of technologies and improved communication network, we’ll be able to deliver more on-demand services, guarantee on-time delivery for much narrower time windows, and provide quicker answers to your inquiries. You may not see this new computer system, but we promise that you’ll see its benefits.

Decades of moving and storage expertise

For over 20 years now, Alex Moving & Storage has been one of the largest and most reliable residential and commercial moving companies in Southern California. With the help of our newly upgraded technology, we’re excited to continue expanding toward our goal of becoming not only the top moving and storage company in Orange County and neighboring Ventura County, but the leading residential and commercial relocation service provider in the country.

These exciting advancements—including our upgraded computer system and increased warehouse space—mean that there’s never been a better time to rely on the Orange County moving and storage professionals at Alex Moving & Storage. Give us a call today or fill out our brief online form to receive a free, no-obligation moving quote and to learn how our new technology can make your customized move completely pain-free!