orange county long distance moving

Hundreds of thousands of Americans move across the country every year. It can’t be that hard, right? Unfortunately, that’s both true and false.

Moving is never easy, especially when you’re crossing long distances with your entire household in tow. But this is also true: With enough preparation, it isn’t impossible—and it might even be enjoyable!

Four Common Long-Distance Moving Challenges—and Solutions!

If you’re wondering how to tackle your cross-country journey, check out some advice from our experienced Orange County long-distance movers, including four concerns we’ve seen before and how to overcome them.

1. Lack of Preparation

If you remember one thing about long-distance moves, it should be this: Always prepare! There’s nothing more frazzling than not being ready on moving day. You’ll not only stress out—you could also end up losing valuable items or wasting tons of money.

Solution: Plan ahead! Search online for a helpful pre-moving checklist, speak with Orange County long-distance movers, or “interview” people you know who have completed moves. Ask them things like:

  • What surprised you about your move?
  • What do you wish you knew before moving?
  • What items were essential to keep on hand?
  • What would you do differently if you moved again?

2. Too Much Stuff

Many people move into a new home only to realize that they have way too many things. The furniture won’t fit, the clothes won’t stay in the closet, or the décor doesn’t match the new aesthetic.

Solution: Don’t waste energy or money packing things that you really don’t want or need. Take a long, hard look at your new floorplan and be objective about what will fit—and what won’t. Then go through every room of your house and decide what you can toss or donate.

3. A House That’s Not “Move-in Ready”

Arriving in your new home should be a moment of happiness, not another cause of sweat and tears—which it will be if your utilities aren’t connected!

Solution: Call several weeks in advance to make sure your new utilities company has the correct address and date to connect your gas and electricity. Double check by calling again just a few days before the move.

4. Unexpected Costs

This is one of the most frustrating (and common) challenges that people face. Like many things in life, it will probably end up costing a little more than you thought.

Solution: Make a budget. Account for what you know you will spend, and then leave extra room for anything else that might arise:

  • Last-minute supply runs
  • A night in a hotel in case of bad weather
  • Take-out or delivery for the first few nights
  • Unanticipated emergency repairs

The unexpected cost problem will be easier if you’re working with a reputable Orange County long-distance moving company, because they’ll give you a written cost estimate. But even if you’re working with pros, keep a little extra in your budget for personal expenses along the way.

Ease Your Challenges by Choosing Skilled Orange County Long-Distance Movers

The good news about long-distance moving is that you aren’t the first ones to do it, and with enough preparation, you can overcome these challenges. But the even better news? You don’t have to do it alone!

Make your cross-country relocation completely hassle-free by going with Alex Moving & Storage, an Interstate Agent of North American Van Lines with the expertise and resources you need for a long-distance move anywhere in the country. To learn more about our Orange County household movers, call us today or complete our simple online form now!